Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedded Bliss

A LOT is happening, Foxy! (Line from one of the Austin Powers movies, don't recall which one). As one may gather from my title, I have married *C*. Just last Saturday, in fact. We also both married *d*, her son - now mine too, by presenting him with a ring of his own, and saying vows to him also. We are a true family, and a very happy one.

We had originally planned to wed in September, but I proposed (heh heh) that we elope. The elopement turned into a 6-day planned very small wedding, which went extremely well. We had the ceremony in her Grandmother's back patio, my brother and his wife drove up from Texas to be there, *C*s sister rushed back from east TN just in the nick of time (actually, the wedding started a few minutes late, but it was worth the wait to have her there), so her whole immediate family was there, as well as a few mutual friends from work. Most importantly to me, my step-daughter from my first marriage showed up to be there for me. I know how difficult that was for her, especially given that she had never met *C*, nor any of her family. She was a sweetheart, and everyone was very friendly to her.

*C* and I wrote our own vows, including our vows to *d*, and as I said, the whole wedding went very well. Then we went to a Nashville Sounds minor league baseball game, at the end of which was a spectacular fireworks show. A strange honeymoon, I admit, especially since we brought 4 year old *d* and *C*'s 11 year old brother. But our real honeymoon will still be in September. *C* will get to go to SoCal and finally meet my family... plus we're going to Disneyland for 5 days. :-)

I'll be back with more soon... hopefully sooner than this one took!