Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The one without a title.

I've decided to come home to this blog, though where I write doesn't matter much. I actually left here because I didn't want *d* reading my thoughts anymore. I doubt she's inclined to anyway, but I've finally reached the point where I don't really care whether she does or not. She showed her true colors to me, even if she manages to keep pretending to everyone else.

Just a basic update. *C* and I are still going strong. We've been dating about 5 months now, and our love is growing deeper. It's amazing how well we click on so many levels. Just as a simple example, the other day we were talking about poetry, and she said there was one by Byron that she had been memorizing. I said, "Oh, Byron has this one poem that I really love, it's called 'Stanzas for Music' ". She replied, "That's the one I was talking about!" and started reciting it to me. I just thought it was really cool that of all the poems Lord Byron has written, we were both drawn to the same one.

Anyway, she understands me on a level that no one ever has. We have enough in common to always have something to talk about, and enough differences to always have something to share. It's pretty awesome.

I also get along wonderfully with her 3 year old son, who has taken to kissing me goodbye and telling me he loves me. He gets as excited as she does when I see them. It's really moving.

We've also talked about having kids of our own. We even had a slight pregnancy "scare" last week. The thing about that is, while neither of us wanted to be pregnant just now, neither of us was terrified at the prospect. The "not pregnant" on the test strip elicited sighs of relief mixed with a few moments of disappointment.

Well, I don't have time to update anymore than that right now. I know what few readers I used to have are gone, but I'm still rolling on...

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  1. Not gone, just offline or quiet. :D
    I'm glad to hear you and C are going well. Mark and I are going well too so all seems to be well in the world right now. :)
    Big Hugs.
    I'll keep checking in on you. LOL